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tenkatt media

Tenkatt publishes selected fiction and non-fiction works.

Our current projects are:

Nature Therapy Walks – Skillfully blending naturalism with spirituality, these flexible exercises can be completed in as little as few as five minutes, in the backcountry or the backyard.

Atlas and the Lucky Flower – Atlas goes on an adventure looking for a flower that hasn’t been seen in many years. What will he find?

Look, a Bee! There are many kinds of bees! Let’s meet some. Featuring beautiful illustrations with playfully-designed text, this book introduces nine different types of bees in a fun celebration of nature and biodiversity.

Catians – An Original Comic Series. Three teens inherit powers from an ancient cat deity and must find its artifacts in order to defeat…a talking blob? It’s like Percy Jackson meets Warriors.

Geologist in Love – This 30-page full-color, full-spread chapbook features 15 celebratory and pensive nature and geology themed poems set to nature photography hand-selected to accompany each poem.